Alan Pardew in Crystal Palace is out of danger

Alan Pardew in Crystal Palace is out of dismissal danger

Crystal Palace president Steve Parish said that Alan Pardew was out of the dismissal danger.

Mass media started writing Alan Pardew may be dismissed after the Glaziers’ series of six defeats in a row in the Premier League.

Later it became known that the Crystal Palace management would meet Alan Pardew, in order to discuss ways out of the crisis. There were some rumors as well the Alan’s chance for dismissal is very small.

Now, the club boss Steve Parish noted there is no way for the Pardew dismissal. He has got currently a good winning percentage.

“Alan has got victories in 41% of matches (apparently meaning since the team’s joining in January 2015). It’s amazing”, – quotes Parish Talk Sport.

“His work in team is completely out of danger. As for the work under the pressure – all managers work like that.”

Pardew came to Crystal Palace in January 2015. He managed to save the team from relegation twice, and finished the season in the middle of the Premier League leaderboard.

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