Beckham accepted the relay of Guy Richie with 22 push-ups

Beckham accepted  the relay of Guy Richie and made 22 times push-ups

The legendary English football player David Beckham joined the campaign in support of  war veterans.

According to the data of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provided together with the epidemiologist Robert Bossart,  22 veterans of US armed forces of the USA end up their life’s with suicide daily.

The special campaign on social networks was started to pay attention to this problem and support the former military personnel. Everyone who participates has  to do 22 push-ups daily within 22 days and to pass the relay to 2 another people.

The actors Jason Statham and Charlie Hunnam has already taken part in the event earlier.

Now the Beckham’s turn who got the relay from the popular director Guy Richie.

David uploaded video of push-ups on the account in Instagram.

Mr. Richie, you asked me to make 22 push-ups within 22 days. I accept your challenge not because you asked me but I am glad to make something for support of the military personnel and salvation of their lives”.

Then Becks added:

“By the way, I am doing it at the height of 44 thousand feet”.

David has passed the baton to his son Brooklyn, and to the actor Justin Theroux – Jennifer Aniston’s husband.

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