Carlo Ancelotti vs Guardiola

Trapattoni: Carlo Ancelotti must knock offs spots Guardiola

The Bavaria former coach Giovanni Trapattoni believes Carlo Ancelotti is able to win the Champions League title playing for the Munich club, which Josep Guardiola failed to do.

This summer, Guardiola released his place for the coach of Bayern Munich, Carlo Ancelotti. The experienced Italian coach immediately rearranged the Bavarians game style and the team began to play more diversified. There was a time when the Ancelotti team lost to Atletico and drew against the Cologne and Eintracht, but expert quickly corrected mistakes in the actions of Bayern and the team confidently continued striding to the next Bundesliga title. However, RB Leipzig is following the Bavarians in footsteps, but, the Ancelotti’s old friend and the former Bavaria’s coach, Trapattoni is sure that playing for the Munich club Carlo is able to win a silver bowl as well as the European Cup.

Bayern Munich has changed greatly upon the Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival. Now when the team dominates it tries not to waste time on interpassing within the own half of the pitch. If the ball is at their side, then the whole team is running towards the rival’s gate. And God safe everybody on their way.

I do not see anything terrible in the loss to Atletico during the Champions League game. It’s work. Next time Bayern will play safer. I believe this season Bayern can win the Champions League title, “- commented Giovanni Trapattoni.

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