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Hot Sisters of Top 10 football players

TOP Hot Sisters of  Football Players by 4Gamblers

Speaking of beautiful girls that surround football celebrities, we are talking, first and foremost, about the wives and girlfriends of stars, but their hot sisters are not always given attention. But it is worthy to see them…

Marta Abril Martin, Alvaro Morata’s sister

Marta Abril Martin 4Gamblers Marta Abril Martin-1, 4Gamblers

Impressive blonde with green eyes works in marketing, dates with the famous Spanish actor Javier Pereira. She is a fan of her famous brother.


Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot sister

Katia Aveiro 4Gamblers Katia Aveiro 1 4Gamblers

The famous Portuguese has one more sister Elma, but Katia is much more famous and popular. After all, she is not only a relative to the world famous football player. She has already achieved something, namely, Katya is engaged in show business and recorded several songs.


Holly Walcott, Theo Walcott’s sister

Holly Walcott 4Gamblers Holly Walcott 1 4Gamblers

While her brother achieves success in the sport due to his speed, Holly Walcott takes with power! The sister of English winger of London Arsenal specializes in bodybuilding, still remaining a cute girl.


Miriam Ramos, Sergio Ramos’s sister

Miriam Ramos 4Gamblers Miriam Ramos 1 4Gamblers Miriam Ramos 2 4Gamblers

One of the main personal fan of Real Madrid’s defender is his sister Miriam. As Sergio remembers, when a kid he often had to worry about his little sister because she always got into trouble because of her hyperactivity, and now she often teases him in order he would receive less cards. It seems that works.


Amber Vidal, Arturo Vidal’s sister

Amber Vidal 4GamblersAmber Vidal 1 4Gamblers Amber Vidal 3 4Gamblers

The sister of one of the main celebrities of the Chilean football is a magnificent woman. In every sense of the word. She loves to show off on social networks and, admittedly, has something to show off.


Rafaella Beckran, Neymar’s sister

Rafaella Beckran 4Gamblers Rafaella Beckran 4Gamblers Rafaella Beckran 2 4Gamblers Rafaella Beckran 3 4Gamblers

Neymar and his sister are so close that Neymar has a tattoo of his sister’s face on his arm, while Raffaela has a tattoo of Neymar’s eyes. And she also  scopes on at her brother‘s playmates – there were just recently some rumors about her relationship with Lucas Lima.


Gabrieli Emboaba, Oscar’s sister

Gabrieli Emboaba 4gamblers Gabrieli Emboaba 1 4Gamblers Gabrieli Emboaba 2 4Gamblers

Maybe  the Brazilian midfielder of Chelsea is not so okay, but his sister has got used to her brother’s fame quite successfully. Having lit up with him on a few photos, she has attracted a number of subscribers in social networks, and now sells all sorts of fancy stuff on her own site.


Daniela Ospina, David Ospina’s sister

Daniela Ospina - Hot sisters of football players Daniela Ospina 1 4Gamblers Daniela Ospina 2 4Gamblers

This beautiful Colombian face is a rare combination, because she is not only football player’s sister, but also the wife of another famous player – James Rodriguez.


Abigail Barwuah, Mario Balotelli’s sister

Abigail Barwuah 4Gamblers Abigail Barwuah 2 4Gamblers

However, the previous example with Ospina is rare, but not unique, because the biological sister of the main Italian football hooligan Mario Balotelli is married to Obafemi Martins – another ex-striker of Inter. Also, she is very famous model, though now she is engaged in family affairs.


Riana Nainggolan, Radja Nainggolan’s sister

Riana Nainggolan 4gamblers Riana Nainggolan 1 4Gamblers

Perhaps she is not the most beautiful in our list, but she is “hot” in her own way – in a sharp image (sometimes it seems that she is steeper than her brother) and that Rianna plays football pretty well. She plays for the FC Roma, for its female version, to be exact.


So who is the best among these hot sisters?

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