John Stones made a tattoo

John Stones made a tattoo with the image of his girlfriend he cheated on

Manchester City defender John Stones is trying to make it up to his girlfriend, who found out about his infidelity.

John Stones spent a few hours in the tattoo studio to make a huge portrait of his girlfriend Millie Savage on his hand.

All this happened within a few days after the news that John had cheated on her with Jessica Pete, event manager.

Tattoo is the Millie’s face flowing into the clock.

John Stones made a tattoo with the image of his girlfriend

The same studio wrote on its Twitter account: “The client decided to change the original concept of the portrait. We liked it! It’s hard to make a quality picture on the triceps».

The 22-year-old defender, having moved from Everton to Manchester City for 50 million pounds in August, has been dating Millie since 12 years old.

When he started a secret affair with Jessica, he lied to her that his relationship with Savage had been over.

The couple met in one of the restaurants in Hale in August. Afterwards they began to do an active correspondence. It all ended with their dates at a Lowry hotel’s room £ 900 cost per night.

When Jessica saw John’s photos doing shopping with Millie, she broke up with the player right away. She informed Savage about her secret affair with Stones in Instagram.

As a result, Jessica said about all this situation: “I feel sorry for Millie, this is a terrible situation. However, I will lose respect for her if she stays with John».

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