Old & Cool Football Photos #1

4gamblers.club  Henry and Messi Barcelona

May 2009. A suprising time when Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry had the same amount of Ballon d’Or.

4gamblers.club  Mostovoy

The most depressive photo in Aleksandr Mostovoi’s career. Autumn is coming.
4gamblers.club  paolo dicasnio

Paolo Di Canio: “Damn it these vanilla presentations!”
4gamblers.club  Rohn Atkinson

Ron Atkinson who coached MU before Alex Ferguson’s (yes, it appears, there were some other coaches indeed before sir Alex Ferguson), plays snowballs with the swiborg ball.
4gamblers.club  Totti

Giuseppe  Giannini played for Roma of 15 seasons, the person on the right –10 seasons more.
4gamblers.club Beckham Raul Figo

2001. The best football players of the world – David Beckham, Luis Figo and Raul. In a couple of years Beckham will join Figo and Raul in Real.
4gamblers.club carlo ancelotti

1989. Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Donadoni pose with the Intercontinental cup.
4gamblers.club Colina Zidane

Albertini, Collina, Zidane. Seria A of the 90th, it is a high time to compose  legends about it.
4gamblers.club Fabio Capella

Fabio Capello stylishly welcomes George Weah.
4gamblers.club Finidi

The Great Ajax football players dispersed to different  big clubs in the middle of 90th, and Finidi George came to  Real Betis and organized his own show there.
4gamblers.club Gillit

There were many interesting ladies at “sexual soccer” performed by the Ruud Gullit’s  teams.
4gamblers.club Karpin

Champions League-1993/94. Valeri Karpin scored to Barcelona in both matches of a group stage.
4gamblers.club Lars

Lars Elstrup became the champion of Europe as a part of the Denmark national team in 1992. And in  he quit football in a year and  entered a sect and began to walk up and down stark naked along the native motherland. When Lars understood it can be reported about his exhibitionism on 4gamblers.club , he decided to hide from mankind somewhere in the Danish suburbs.

4gamblers.club Malorca Super Cup

1998. Mallorca won the Supercopa de España against Barcelona. My favorite coach Héctor Cúper hadn’t earned a reputation yet of the guy who constantly loses the finals.

4gamblers.club Ronaldo first team

Who would know about this FC Andorinha now.

4gamblers.club stadium Gibraltar

Europa Point stadium in Gibraltar with a bunch of complaints from the local esthetes. It has spoiled an overview to the channel dividing Morocco and Spain; and spoiled the rock view. Many residents of Gibraltar became outraged that one of the few flat platforms in the territory of the country was provided for the construction of stadium. They could have constructed something more useful.
4gamblers.club Viera Adams

1999. Sega made an expansive advertizing of Dreamcast and forced Patrick Vieira and Tony Adams to take part in the promo of the video game.
4gamblers.club Main Road Manchester

2003. “Maine Road”, the former arena of Manchester City, is all in blossom after the Marc-Vivien Foe’s death during the FIFA Confederations Cup.

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