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FIFA will earn hundreds of millions on the World Cup expansion

FIFA World Cup Expansion

The growing number of the World Cup participants will enable the world’s main football organization to increase their own profits significantly.

FIFA head Gianni Infantino was the main initiator of the World Cup expansion, supported by organization council members.

Not surprisingly, the decision to increase the teams number, taken part in FIFA World Cup (since 2026), was met positively. In that way FIFA should increated significantly their total earnings.

The increase of the World Cup participant up to 48 will bring € 610 million.

At that, the total earnings comparing with the expected one from the Russian will grow by 20%.

FIFA is going to take care of the fans in addition to this initiative, making matches schedule in a convenient way. It means, the countries’ audience, where a particular match take place, will watch it at suitable time.

At the moment, there are tough fights for the host country prime time, without regard to the interests of people in other parts of the world.

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